13 Sharp Comebacks For When You're Called a "Spicy Latina"

Oh, the ever-present "spicy Latina" comment! It's funny how some people think it's the ultimate compliment or a term of endearment. But really, being called a "spicy Latina" is oftentimes rude, condescending, or just plain annoying. It also brings up stereotypes associated with Latinas, especially those in movies and TV. We can all probably agree that there's no need for the term — there are way better ways to describe what is often used as a synonym for someone unafraid to share her opinions. But while we all work to vanish the phrase from the world, here are 13 snappy but still gentle comebacks to use the next time this term is hurled in your direction.

  1. "Sorry, did I forget again that I am in fact a bottle of hot sauce?"
  2. "I'm so glad you didn't say 'muy spicy,' because then you would have been offensive in not one but two languages."
  3. "That was just my mild level, but now that you called me spicy, I'm going full-blown ghost pepper on you."
  4. "Oh, wow, I've never heard that one before. So original."
  5. "Next you're going to say I'm 'exotic,' and believe me, you don't want me to start acting like an animal in a zoo."
  6. "Yes, I'm spicy and I'm about to make your eyes water."
  7. (Yelling) "Unsubscribe!!!"
  8. "I prefer smart and sassy, thankyouverymuch."
  9. "Did you see the sign outside the door? It said: 'Check your stereotypes at the door, please.'"
  10. "You might as well have just called me 'mami,' then I can at least tell you to freaking behave, child."
  11. "Shocked you didn't call me 'caliente.' Is that not the preferred word for stereotypical attacks against Latinx? My bad."
  12. (Evil laughing until the other person gets uncomfortable.) "Nope. Just nope."
  13. "Boy, bye!"