Here's Everything You Need to Know About Pixar's Día de los Muertos Movie, Coco

After years (no exaggeration here, it's been years!) of anticipation, Disney and Pixar have finally revealed major details about their upcoming Day of the Dead animated film, Coco. Though the internet had a mini freak-out when Disney tried to copyright the phrase "Día de los Muertos" back in 2013 when the concept for the movie first came about, it sounds like the team recruited for the project is determined to honor the day's cultural roots. After seeing the all-Latino cast, which includes Gael García Bernal and Benjamin Bratt, and reading director Lee Unkrich's quotes on the plot of the movie, we have high hopes for Coco. Scroll ahead to find out everything you need to know and watch the first teaser trailer.

The Release Date

The Release Date

The movie was announced in 2015, and the teams at Disney and Pixar have been hard at work to meet their Nov. 22 premiere date. Coco is the only new movie coming out from Disney and Pixar in the next few years, with only sequels for Cars, Toy Story, and The Incredibles in the works.

The Team Behind the Movie

The Team Behind the Movie

Toy Story 3's director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson have been tied to the film from its conception. Since that movie became the second-highest grossing animated movie ever, the future of Coco looks bright. Adrian Molina is a codirector of the project.

The Plot

The Plot

After keeping details under wraps for years, Disney finally gave Entertainment Weekly a preview of what the movie is about. Here is the deal: Miguel Rivera, a boy from a small Mexican village and from a family of shoemakers, has dreams of becoming a famous singer, but his family has a generations-long ban on music after his great-great-grandfather left his wife, Imelda, for a life of touring and performing.

After discovering a connection to his musical idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, Miguel finds himself in the Land of the Dead (there's that Día de los Muertos connection). To find de la Cruz there, Miguel teams up with Héctor, a skeleton, and together they have an adventure to discover the true story behind Miguel's family.


The First Image

The concept art for Coco was posted to Pixar's Instagram account and shared by the movie's director on Twitter. He revealed the image was "posed by Kristoff Vergne and painted by Sharon Calahan."

The First Still

The First Still

Before releasing a short trailer, the team at Pixar gave us a peek at Miguel.

The Poster

The Poster

Miguel, his guitar, and his dog, Dante, make an appearance in the gorgeous first poster.


The Cast

Miguel will be voiced by 12-year-old newcomer Anthony Gonzalez, who was found through a regular casting conducted by Pixar and Disney and will be singing in the film, too. The director told EW: "We actually had another kid doing scratch for Miguel who's now 17 or 18, which should tell you how long we've been working on the movie, but his voice changed long ago, and it was actually in trying to find a new voice for the scratch that we found Anthony."


Abuelita, also known as Mama Coco, will be voiced by Renée Victor. Miguel's great-grandmother will be voiced by Ana Ofelia Murguía.

Getty | Jason LaVeris

Gael García Bernal will play Héctor, Miguel's sidekick during his visit to the Land of the Dead, lending the all-Latino cast some star power.

Getty | Santiago Felipe

Benjamin Bratt, whose mom is Peruvian, is Ernesto de la Cruz. We can't wait to hear him sing in the film!

Getty | Vincent Sandoval

Jane the Virgin's Jaime Camil will play Miguel's Papá, who hopes his son will join the shoe-making family business.

Getty | Victor Chavez

Sofía Espinosa, who played singer Gloria Trevi in the 2014 movie about her life, is Miguel's encouraging Mamá.

Getty | David Livingston

With a name like Chicharrón, we expect Edward James Olmos's animated character in the Land of the Dead to demand attention.

Getty | Rich Polk

Playing a dual role, Herbert Siguenza will voice Miguel's identical twin uncles, Tío Oscar and Tío Felipe.

Getty | Greg Doherty

Chicano actor Luis Valdez voices Miguel's uncle Tío Berto.

Getty | Victor Chavez

Mexican actor and director Alfonso Arau takes on the role of Miguel's great-grandfather in the Land of the Dead.

Getty | Mindy Small

You might remember Alanna Ubach as Elle Woods's sidekick in Legally Blonde. This time, the Puerto Rican and Mexican actress will be voicing a very different character: Miguel's great-great-grandmother Mamá Imelda.

Getty | Rick Kern

Tía Rosita will be voiced by Mexican comedian Selene Luna.

Getty | Ethan Miller

Gabriel Iglesias's part as the head clerk at the Department of Family Reunions in the Land of the Dead is small but sure to be funny.

Getty | Tara Ziemba

Cheech Marin will bring his spot-on comedic timing to Coco as a corrections officer in the Land of the Dead.

Getty | Earl Gibson III

The host of a talent show in the Land of the Dead will be played by Blanca Araceli.

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A Closer Look at 1 of the Main Characters

Miguel's loyal dog, Dante, got his own funny short, where the skinny pup goes through more than a few hurdles to secure a bone as lunch.

Mozart in the Jungle Was the Reason Behind Gael Being Cast in Coco
Everett Collection

Mozart in the Jungle Was the Reason Behind Gael Being Cast in Coco

Lee Unkrich told Entertainment Weekly:

"Gael was someone we were considering early on, but I didn't know if I'd be able to sell him [to Pixar chief John Lasseter] because he's done so many films I've loved through the years, but he hadn't really done comedy. Thankfully, our casting director said, 'Have you seen this new show that Gael's in?' And it was Mozart in the Jungle, and I started watching and thought, 'Oh my God, he's so funny, he's so charming, and he's perfect.' So, thank God for Mozart. It didn't take any convincing on John's part."