Queen Maxima's Giant Hat Rivals Pharrell's — but We're Into It!

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands has learned her lesson. After getting caught in the rain in a beautiful gown and suede pumps, the royal has gotten original when it comes to protecting herself from a downpour. Recently, she stepped out in a Sherlock Holmes-inspired camel hat and overcoat, but it was the giant visor in these pictures, which she wore to the opening of the new visitor center at the Netherlands Bank in Amsterdam, that let us know the royal is taking her rain-protection dressing to a new level.

The queen's massive headwear makes Pharrell's favorite Vivienne Westwood hat seem tiny. But, don't get us wrong, we like it. The superwide brim of the stylish hat is not only chic, but it doesn't look out of place when paired with her light-blue dress and pearl jewelry — and did you see she's wearing only one leather driving glove? Keep scrolling to see more photos of Queen Maxima's look, and then check out the adorable portraits her family took this Summer.