13 Buys That Celebrate Your Favorite Snack: Elote

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You might love Summer because of the nice weather, but we love it because it means corn is in season and elote will be on our minds. If, like us, you could never get enough of the spicy Mexican side/snack and you want to let the world know about your one true love, then look no further than the products ahead. Place a sticker on your laptop or wear the corn on the cob as earrings to prove to everyone you are obsessed. Find all the cute buys ahead.

The necklace we've all been dreaming about is only for the true elote fans.

Elote Necklace ($14)

These earrings are so kitschy and we love them.

Elote Stud Earrings ($10)

Show off your elote power with this ring.

Elote Corn Ring ($12)

Imagine all of the awesome things you can create with this fabric — elote dress, anyone?

Elote Fabric ($11-$34)

This sticker will show off your elote pride.

The Spicy Elote ($4)

This lotería-inspired print deserves a spot in your gallery wall.

Elote Lotería Print ($15)

This adorable pin will look great with the rest of the ones you have on your backpack or jean jacket.

Elote Brooche ($5-$12)

We love this shirt "elote." Get it?

I Love You Elote ($18)

The bead detail makes this necklace stand out.

Elote Necklace ($10)