Eva Longoria Loves Being a Fashion Designer So Much, She Would Quit Acting For It

The Limited
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Eva Longoria's calendar must be bursting at the seams. In the past couple of years, between producing and acting in her now-canceled show Telenovela, working on Devious Maids, running her charitable foundation, and, oh, planning a wedding to longtime partner José Antonio Bastón, Eva managed to design her first-ever fashion line with The Limited — and when we tell you you'll want every piece in the under-$160 line, we're not exaggerating.

We caught up with Eva over the phone while she's in the United Kingdom working on the BBC remake of Decline and Fall to chat about the process behind creating the line and talk all things fashion. You might be shocked at how passionate she truly is about this new project. Scroll ahead for her must-read quotes.

On Designing Her First Fashion Line

"It's always been a dream of mine. But I always wanted to do it right and with the right partners, and so for me it's been two years developing it with The Limited — because fashion is so far ahead of schedule with production and things — but it wasn't until then that I had the proper time to dedicate to this new empire. I mean, it truly is fulfilling in every creative sense. It's my dream come true, because sewing is my passion, construction of an outfit is my passion, stitching, materials, textiles, everything about it. If I could quit all my jobs and just do this one, I would.

"Some people just throw their name on a label and they're like 'Yeah! Go sell me!' But I know each garment, and I know each fitting, each stitch, I know the color of the thread, I know the cost of the garment, I know everything about it in the design process. So I'm just super involved and it's been so exciting as an entrepreneur to start another business."

On How She Defines Her Line
The Limited

On How She Defines Her Line

"My line is called 'From Work to Wine' because I really feel like every woman wants that versatile wardrobe at an affordable price that can go from the office to dinner or from work to a date, and this line does it. It's so comprehensive. We have really classic staples that you should have in your closet but with a contemporary modern take.

"We have a great, great dress line and our Power Sculpt Jeggings that kind of just suck you in, and if you put a jacket over it you can wear it at the office, then you take it off and you can literally wear it out on a Saturday night, so I love that. And then, of course I'm a jeans person, and I always think a jean should act like Spanx, so we have more jeans; a 4-Way Stretch Mid Rise Jeggings that is just delicious. It's just so comfortable to wear, and it puts everything in the right place. And then we have these graphic tees, so there's something for everybody in the line, and I really made it for the modern-day working woman."

On Her Favorite Graphic Tee
The Limited

On Her Favorite Graphic Tee

"Oh, my Gosh. Well, I love my 'wine a little, laugh a lot' tee, because really, I think that's my motto in life. I am obsessed with wine. There's another one that says #winegoals that I love to say when people post a photo of a good bottle and I'm like 'Oh, my God, I wanna drink that!' So yeah, I kind of have a wine theme going on. I wanted wine o'clock because that's my thing, but that was taken and so I couldn't use it.

"Today's working woman does so much. She's a multitasker. She may be a stay-at-home mom, she may be working really hard and have to come home to kids, have a social life, she may be single, she may be still in school, she may be on her first job and there's such a variety of women that the line fits. And to kind of take the classic tee and do a modern, more trendy take on it, which is the graphic words, that's been a lot of fun. I love a graphic tee; I love to make a literal statement."

On Getting Support From Friend Victoria Beckham

"She's the most amazing human being. We didn't talk about my line, but she's just been an amazing supporter of me in general. She supports my happiness. And so she actually saw a lot of my posts on the line and was like, 'Oh, my Gosh, congrats! It looks amazing.'"

On Her Favorite Outfits From Telenovela

"Every single gown, every single gown. We wanted every episode to be like 'what is she wearing?' I had the most amazing costume designer, Janie Bryant, who won Emmy Awards for Mad Men, and she was just a genius. She did a good job every episode, both with Ana Sofía and Ana Sofía in the telenovela Pasión. When I was Ana Sofía, I had such a Miami feel and I loved every single thing that I wore; I wanted to wear everything. And then when I was Pasión . . . obviously you can't wear those outfits in life, because you've got hair, makeup, crazy wardrobe. She did such a great job in designing for the telenovela inside the show."

On Her Favorite Dress of All Time

"I actually archive a lot of my outfits. I want to do an auction one day for charity. I have over 50 outfits, you know 'this is what I wore when I did this, and this is what I wore when I did this.' But my most recent favorite outfit is probably my wedding dress."

On Her Favorite Fashion Tip

"Get a tailor. Finding one is all about trial and error. You have to figure out if he's good for you and your body. Some tailors do men better, some do women better, some do dresses better than pants. So you just kind of have to explore, and always take recommendations. It's honestly a dying art. It's very hard to find a good tailor. In my circle of friends, I'm the tailor. They bring me everything. I have to hem stuff all the time. I'm like, 'girls, I have a job, I can't do this.'"