Dreams Do Come True! Forever 21 Is Selling Selena Graphic Tees

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OK, let's take a minute to revel in the fact that Selena graphic tees are not only a thing, but they are now being sold at Forever 21. Yes, that is correct, ladies and gentleman, you can get your hands on two different short-sleeved tees, a long-sleeved one, and a fleece hoodie, all for under $30 so you won't be breaking the bank. The graphic tees are for sale online and in stores, and come in women's, men's and plus sizes. The smaller sizes are sold out right now, but Forever 21 tell us it will be bringing them back in stock soon.

When Selena was alive, she always said she wanted to start her own clothing line and even had boutiques throughout Texas, so we can only imagine that she would love to see her name and face at the fast-fashion store. We are running, not walking, to get our hands on all of these.