These Baby Frida Kahlo Headbands Are the Cutest Thing We've Ever Seen

When the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was alive, she loved to wear the most elaborate floral headbands. They were always colorful, and she even included them in her famous portraits. Her style was so eclectic, we don't blame anyone for dressing up like her on Halloween. We've seen plenty of adults go as Frida, but we've never seen a more perfect way of getting your little one in on the fun.

Etsy seller Naneville, whose real name is Estela Motta, sells "hand crafted whimsical felt handbands" from outside El Paso, TX. Among her creations, we found the most perfect Frida Kahlo-inspired flower headband, which paired with a flowy, colorful Summer dress makes for the perfect Halloween costume for your child.

Naneville also sells dolls that emulate Frida's style, so your kid can pose with a look-alike for photos! They are only $23 and are made to order, so get to it before Oct. 31 sneaks up on you.