9 DIY Cheap and Original Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Halloween Costumes

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo would have turned 110 years old this year, and over a century after her death, she's still a timeless and widely recognized icon. It's no surprise then that the world-renowned artist is a popular pick to channel with a DIY Halloween costume year after year, and lucky for you, the costume doesn't have to be a solo affair.

This Halloween, take it up a notch and enlist your significant other or friend to be the Diego Rivera to your Frida Kahlo. Here are nine beyond easy ways to honor these two artists.

For a classic Frida Kahlo look, pair a cream-colored peasant blouse and a long skirt with colorful accessories. Your companion can copy Diego Rivera's look with a simple dark-colored shirt and tie, suspenders, and a signature a painter's palette and brush.

Copy this look with a colorful flower crown and necklace and a drawn unibrow. The easiest way for your partner to go as Diego? A classic shirt, jacket and straw hat.

Another classic, yet hip, take on Frida and Diego: a patterned button-down shirt, hat, and palette for him; floral hat, white blouse, red skirt, and colorful accessories for you.

For a classic and feminine take on Frida, go for a colorful dress, pink floral crown, and and a pink shawl. For Diego, you can't go wrong with a white shirt, black pants, and suspenders.

If you don't have any color in your closet, you can make Frida and Diego's looks work with all-black pieces, too. Two elements you do need? Diego's paint palette and Frida's flower headband.

Alisa Burke

Don't skip snapping a photo with your Diego. The perfect Frida and Diego portrait features a somber facial expression.

Your Frida costume is the perfect time to reuse that dress you wore once for a fancy wedding, just add a shawl. Your Diego can also just slip into his favorite wedding suit.

For another simple, yet classic, look, go for a deep red shawl and red and white flowers for Frida and a simple brown hat and jacket for Diego.

Diego's look gets more serious with a tie. You can mix things up by using ribbons instead of flowers to create a special headpiece.