8 Spanish Friendship Tattoos You Need to Get With Your Bestie Right Now

Tattoos are always a great way to show your love and appreciation for someone, and the best part is that they are permanently solidifying your commitment. All you and your best friend (the one who is like a sister to you) need to do is book an appointment at a tattoo shop to get a symbol of your friendship forever inked on your bodies. What if you could make the ink that much better by getting it in Spanish, so not only would you be paying homage to your BFF, but you'd be giving a nod to your Latinx culture? If you are looking for some inspiration, whether big or small, we've got you covered.

Amigas Para Siempre

Translation: Friends forever

Tu y Yo Para Siempre

Translation: You and me forever


Translation: Friendship

Hola Amigos

Translation: Hi, friends

Que el Fin del Mundo Te Pille Bailando

Translation: That the end of the world catches you dancing

Amistad Infinita

Translation: Infinite friendship

Naci Para Conocerte

Translation: I was born to meet you