Gina Rodriguez, Hero to All, Will Host an Award Show Celebrating Millennial Women

Gina Rodriguez has become the new producer and host of a ceremony to honor millennial women changing the world. The award, called the Marie Claire Young Women's Honors, will take place on Dec. 19 at 9 p.m. EST and debut on the CW, the same network that airs Gina's show, Jane the Virgin. In a release, the actress said she wanted to encourage the "unlimited potential" every young woman has.

"As a young Latina growing up in Chicago, not seeing myself onscreen, not seeing the Latino community personified in a positive light, had an effect on me [and] had an effect on the journey I thought was possible for my life." Gina said in a Marie Claire video. Gina goes on to explain that the media influences young people, and that she wants to use media to inspire and reflect the people consuming it. She hopes this ceremony will give the millennial generation heroes to look up to.

Honorees will include women from various fields such as technology, science, and education, all selected by a panel. The show will include "stories of inspiration from empowered females worldwide who are breaking down barriers and debunking stereotypes," according to the announcement.

The honorees have yet to be announced but have been described by Marie Claire as "amazing female millennials doing amazing things."