Make Your Halloween Costume Pop With One of These Killer Nail Designs

As you begin to plan your Halloween costume, it's important to remember one very important element: your nails! A sleek manicure acts as the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble, and depending on how sexy or spooky you're aiming to be, the DIY possibilities are endless.

Whether you simply want a monotone look or an all-out design guaranteed to scare everyone you encounter, read on to watch 10 helpful tutorials from your favorite Spanish-speaking YouTube vloggers.

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Monster, Sugar Skull, Fang, and Spooky Eyeball Nails

Yuya, who was the highest-paid beauty YouTuber in 2015, shows you exactly how to achieve four fun designs — from a pretty sugar skull to a scary monster — that will pair perfectly with your Halloween vibes.

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Bloody Nails

If you're planning a "dead" look for Halloween, take the whole thing a spooky step further with these blood-dripping nails, as demonstrated by Priscila of heyitspriscilla.

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Spider-Themed Nails

In this video, Sonia Castañeda teaches you how to achieve a web-tastic look with just two colors. You can either fill in each nail with the same design, or mix it up like she did.

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Mixed Print Nails

Paula (aka Pautips) gives you so many Halloween-themed manicure options in her video, the possibilities are endless. Mix and match to create something unique that also goes with your costume.

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Wounded Nails

Want something particularly gory? Why not create a design straight out of a horror movie like this one from Deko Uñas by Diana Diaz. So scary!

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Black and Orange Nails

Keep things cute and simple with Naila Londoño's timely tutorial, which features Halloween's signature black and orange hues — and Dracula-inspired designs.

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Jack Skellington, Stitches, and Floating Eyes Nails

Pick your theme and run with a cute design from Raquel of Secretos de Raquel.

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Zombie Nails

Channel a character from The Walking Dead and go full-on walker with your manicure thanks to Siempre Mireya. With blood, wounds, and even intricate writing, these are seriously impressive.

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Super Scary Nails

Whether you want bright jack-o-lantern-style nails or crime-scene-themed artwork, let Platica Polinesia's Musas guide you with her eerie video.