Wait Until You Hear How Much Each of Selena Gomez's Social Media Posts Is Worth — Hint: A Freaking Lot!

Selena Gomez just took the No. 1 spot on another major list. The "Kill Em With Kindness" singer and actress was selected as the most influential social media personality by data company D'Marie Analytics, ranking above other international personalities like Beyoncé and Rihanna and brands like Forever 21 and Nike. And while that might not shock you — she is the most followed person on Instagram and currently holds the record for the most "liked" photo on the app — it is the amount of money the company estimates each of Selena's social media posts is worth that will leave your jaw on the floor.

According to an AdWeek article, D'Marie Analytics says that with more than 180 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and a high engagement rate, each post by Selena to all of those social media platforms is worth $550,000. Now, this doesn't mean that Selena is getting paid that amount by brands she partners with, like Coca-Cola and Pantene, but that because of the amount of people she reaches and her influence on social media, a post by her would cost that much money if it were to be an ad — what D'Marie Analytics calls her "ad-equivalent." Considering Selena recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the little effort that goes behind her Instagram account, this amount of money seems exorbitant. She's the queen of social media, indeed!