Leah Remini Shares a Hilarious Video of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony From Their Twins' Birthdate

Just in time for Max and Emme's 8th birthday on Feb. 22, Jennifer Lopez's BFF Leah Remini posted a rare and intimate clip of the ageless star minutes before she rushed off to the hospital with then-husband Marc Anthony to welcome the twins to the world.

"We gotta go! We gotta go pick up Emme and Max!" Marc excitedly says at the start of the Instagram video, above. "I'm gonna drop them off, and he's gonna pick them up," a very pregnant Jennifer quips in response.

It's hard to believe that was eight years ago, but Leah's heartfelt caption says it all: "8 years ago today, this happened @jlo @marcanthony @therealangelopagan we were so happy to be there then and now #I'mGonnaDropThemOffAndYou'reGonnaPickEmUp #HappyBirthdayMax&Emme #coconuts"