Kat Von D Speaks Out Against the Border Wall: "It Damages Us All"

As a Mexican immigrant of Argentinian descent, Kat Von D recently spoke out against the president's proposed border wall. In a particularly candid and heartbreaking Instagram post, the tattoo artist and cosmetics maven shared a childhood photo, as well as her thoughts on the polarizing wall.

In particular, Kat expressed how a border wall between the United States and Mexico could damage those living on both sides of it. In addition to the financial and environmental damage the construction of the wall would cause, Kat said it sends a larger message about isolationism and national superiority. Read her full post, below, and learn about her immigration story in this personal essay she wrote for POPSUGAR.

Fun fact: My parents were both born in Argentina, and my brother, sister and I were born in Montemorelos, Mexico, where my Dad was working as a missionary doctor building hospitals and treating people in pueblos that had no access to medical aid.
This childhood photo of me was taken before my family immigrated to the US from Mexico. Funny to think I didn't even know one word of English then. And it would be another 10 years before I would finally become a US citizen.

The idea of building a wall between the US and Mexico damages us all on so many levels. But the ridiculous/obvious financial damage it would do to our country is insignificant when compared to the underlying message it sends that one race is below another. I AM MEXICAN. I AM ARGENTINIAN. And I AM AMERICAN. We shouldn't forget we are a nation of immigrants.