The Tastiest Latin American Chips You'll Ever Try

Whether you're throwing a party or just vegging solo on the couch, there's often nothing better than diving into a bag of chips. It's even better if you've gotten adventurous and broken away from your typical potato kinds or Cheetos. That's why we've rounded up a savory bunch of Latin American snacks you can find right here in the US — from Mexican chicharrones to Peruvian Inka corn. Dig in and crunch up!



Tor-Tees corn chips, similar to classic Frito's, are a fan favorite in Peru.

El Isleño Plantain Chips

El Isleño Plantain Chips

If platanos fritos are your thing, you'll go crazy for Lay's El Isleño plantain chips, which will truly take you out to the Caribbean.

Soldanza Yuquitas

Soldanza Yuquitas

Costa Rican Soldanza Yuquitas will allow you to enjoy another starchy favorite in snack form.


Encanto Conchitas

Encanto Conchitas are like Mexican Fritos, but better. Trust us.


Bokados Bokaditas

Another Mexican favorite, Bokados Bokaditas lime tortilla chips are the perfect pairing with homemade guacamole.


Guerrero Chicharrón de Cerdo

When you've got a hankering for pork rinds, opt for Guerrero Chicharrón de Cerdo, you won't regret going for this Mexican treat.



Also hailing from Mexico, Crujitos con queso y chile are the perfect cheesy, spicy snack.


Mofongo Snax

Mofongo Snax chips, featuring plantains, chicharrón and yuca flavors, are the ultimate Dominican munchies.


Jacks Chi Charritos

Another take on chicharrones, Costa Rican Jacks Chi Charritos come in a barbacoa variation.


Inka Corn

Peruvian Inka Corn is like giant corn nuts, but way better. Extra points if paired with an Inca Kola!