For Ageless Skin, Follow These Latin-American Skincare Habits

POPSUGAR Photography | Emily Faulstitch
POPSUGAR Photography | Emily Faulstitch

As a Latina, chances are you've heard many natural skincare tips from relatives, especially your abuelita. But would you be surprised to learn that many of these DIY tricks are not just your family's but are actually used far and wide in Latin America by women eagerly seeking youthful, glowing, clear skin? Here are eight tips from eight different countries that actually work. Have a read and get your shopping list ready.


Avocados aren't just a food staple here — they're a go-to for many women who whip up a hydrating face mask or hair conditioning treatment with the fruit weekly.


Agave isn't just a key ingredient in tequila. The Aztecs once used this potent plant for healing sunburns and moisturizing hair. Nowadays, you can easily dab it on your under-eye circles or combine it with an egg for a luxurious hair mask.

Costa Rica

In CR, women start the day with orange juice in more ways than one. Combine equal parts orange juice and water and swab onto your face to temporarily shrink pores. Rinse off after a few minutes.

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Oatmeal isn't just a breakfast of champions in Brazil. Did you know it can help to heal a sunburn? Soak in a bath of hot water and oats for fast relief.


Deliciously sweet and juicy papaya is always good enough to eat, but it's also excellent for exfoliation and has antiaging benefits. Simply layering it on your face will add instant softness and a healthy glow.

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Women in Chile create an ever-popular paste of red grapes and flour to diminish redness and blemishes and make for a healthy glow.


In addition to being rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, Bolivian pink salt makes a great exfoliant.


To brighten skin and fight off acne, Colombians are known to mix a face mask of yogurt, coffee, banana, and lulo, a fruit found only in Colombia and Ecuador.