14 Food-Inspired Halloween Costumes Only Latinxs Will Understand

One of the funnest parts about getting ready for Halloween is coming up with a creative costume idea that no one else will have. This Halloween, we suggest honoring your favorite snack or food with your costume. You could be Tapatío, an avocado, pan dulce, or even Takis. All you need are a little bit of crafting, some inspiration, and the ability to deal with plenty of "you look delicious" jokes.


Pan Dulce

A concha or pan dulce costume is relatively easy to make with some soft fabric and tights, but adding the actual edible treat to hang on to is the perfect finishing touch.



Another popular Mexican snack that is easy to replicate, this Duros costume just needs some clear plastic, orange construction paper cutouts, and a couple of empty bottles as head accessories (such as lemon juice and hot sauce).


Tajín Bottle

How cute is this Tajín bottle costume? Simply find an orange dress or romper and go crazy with the arts and crafts to create a white lid, label, and other fun touches.



Dress up as your favorite snack, Takis, by taking a trip to the craft store for a few pieces of purple, yellow, red, and green fabric. It looks complicated, but the bag-like costume is pretty easy to put together.


Taco (Fairy Godmother)

Cover your favorite party dress with taco wrappers and stickers, and then add DIY tacos over store-bought fairy wings to create the ultimate taco-lover costume.



Who doesn't love avocados, really? All you need for this easy costume are a long-sleeved green top, tights, construction paper, and some paint or markers to create the pit.



You'll need a long-sleeved tee and dark tights, but you can get crafty with the rest of your costume, using foil and colored fabrics and paper to create your burrito filling.



Going as a favorite cerveza is sure to make you the hit of the party. Find yourself a large-case box of Corona (or Pacifico or Tecate or whatever) and wrap it around your waist. Some might call you lazy; we'll call you genius.


De La Rosa Marzipan Candy

This peanut marzipan candy is a fan favorite in Mexico, and lucky for you, its costume counterpart isn't all that complicated to copy. Just rock some dark leggings and whatever top underneath a round cardboard box cutout of the snack. As for the logo information, we recommend either printing out an enlarged version of the tag or getting creative with some paint, markers, and perhaps a rose sticker.


Tapatío Sauce

If you've already declared your love for hot sauce, then this is the time to show how deep your love runs for it. Just slip on a pair of jeans, a brown jacket, a white shirt, a red tie, and a Mexican-style hat, along with a DIY "Salsa Picante" sign and Tapatío bottles.


Tequila Shot

Round up a couple of girlfriends and go as three tequila-shot essentials: salt, lime, and Jose Cuervo. All you need are a few DIY accents on the right color of dress.



Seriously, how cool is this skirt covered in a variety of dried beans? You'll need plenty of glue and patience for this one, but we know you'll be thrilled with the result.


Abuelita Hot Chocolate

A favorite Mexican sweet treat, the hot cocoa Abuelita is an original costume that everyone will love. Just decorate a cutout box with the drink's logo, find a modest dress or sweater, and, of course, grab a pair of round glasses and curl a gray hair into an updo.



Margarita, who? You'll be an eye-catching lady in red in this adorable poster-board cutout costume, complete with a salt rim and a lime.