7 Group Halloween Costumes Latinx Will Get Right Away

Preparing a DIY Halloween costume can be the most fun task of the season — once you've come up with the greatest costume, all that's left is getting crafty. This year, why not enlist a group of friends and brainstorm a brilliant idea to collaborate on? From Disney favorites to memorable TV shows, we've got seven Latinx-inspired group costumes sure to make fellow party guests smile.


La Lotería Cards

The best group costume is one that makes sense even when you're far away from the rest of your crew. Choose your favorite Lotería card and DIY your way to the perfect costume, whether it's a mesh mermaid-tail skirt for La Sirena or a perfectly crafted warrior costume for El Apache.


Mariachi Band

Your guests will be eager to see you dance the night away once your group pops in with these costumes. Black sombreros along with embroidered or decorated jackets and pants will have you looking ready to perform.


Odisea Burbujas

Any Latinx guests at your Halloween party will feel the nostalgia once they see you as the characters from their favorite Mexican children's television series. You can try to find animal masks or use makeup to re-create their funny expressions.


The Emperor's New Groove Characters

Sure to amuse adults and kids alike, get a group to go as Kuzco and his buddies from the Inca Empire. You can easily create all of these costumes with a little help from your closet and the crafts store.


Salsa Dancers

There are all kinds of ways to tackle this fun and festive group costume — it truly is an easy one. Find matching leotards and skirts and pair them with gold high heels and killer moves.


Pamplonada Attendees

Take a virtual trip to the Running of the Bulls Festival in San Fermín, Spain. Copy these outfits with simple white cotton dresses or matching shirts and skirts along with a red sash across the front and a flask full of wine.


El Chavo del Ocho

With the perfect wigs and a few key pieces found at your local secondhand store, you'll be all set this Halloween as one of the iconic characters of this kids' show. Don't forget the rollos for Doña Florinda!