You're Going to Be So Mad Getting These Churros Requires an Around the World Flight

This is awkward, but can you lend us some money, because we just spent every penny we have to our names buying a ticket to Singapore so we can get a bite of these chili crab churros? We're blaming the Loco Loco shops and (their Instagram account) for creating the sweet and savory snack that is making us do crazy things.

The pop-up stalls — you can find their locations on their website if you'll be in Singapore some time soon — were created by Crystal Cheng, a business student who was inspired to create the bite-sized treats after a trip to Spain. But her recipes are far from traditional, blending in Singaporean flavors like pandan (a leaf often used in Asian cuisine that some say tastes like sweet licorice), gula melaka (date palm sugar), and now chili crab sauce, poured over classic churros to create the amazingness you are seeing above. The shops also offer oreo and red velvet flavors, and are you drooling yet? Keep reading for more photos.

Chili Crab Churros and Pandan Churros

Chili Crab Churros

Oreo and Pandan Churros

Red Velvet Churros

Oreo, Red Velvet, Pandan, and Classic Churros

Pandan, Oreo, and Classic Churros With a Side of Scotch Egg