Luis Coronel Just Made His New Relationship Instagram Official

Love isn't supposed to be easy, It's supposed to be worth it.❤️

A photo posted by Luis Coronel (@luiscoronelmusic) on

Luis Coronel fans, you might want to take a seat. The Mexican regional singer and heartthrob just made his new relationship Instagram official. With the sweet photo above, featuring the singer sporting a wide smile and in a classic white tee and fedora, Luis showed off his love for his girlfriend, Cristina Bernal, saying: "Love isn't supposed to be easy, it's supposed to be worth it."

Though Luis has been vocal about his newfound love in interviews and a few videos of the pair have surfaced online, they've kept their romance fairly private for the past few months, so it's a surprise to see them sharing a happy moment together on social media. Aww, young love!