Is It a Photo or a Video? Marc Anthony Can't Tell in Maluma's Hilarious Instagram

A video posted by MALUMA (@maluma) on

Maluma is a master trickster. The Colombian-born singer, who recently released a new song with Thalia called "Desde Esa Noche" and made us swoon at Premio Lo Nuestro, pretended to take a selfie with Marc Anthony — and instead recorded the whole thing on video.

"Era foto o video?? @marcanthony 1 vez esta bien pero 2 . . . Jajaja," Maluma captioned the hilarious moment, and Marc's confused reaction is seriously priceless as he smiles wide for two nonphotos. This might be the best Instagram video of Marc since Leah Remini's throwback of the day his twins were born. See it for yourself above.