We Need to Talk About How Hot and Funny Sofia Vergara's Son, Manolo, Is

It should come as no surprise that Sofia Vergara would spawn a gorgeous and hilarious offspring. Yet, every time Manolo Gonzalez Vergara's face appears on your Instagram feed, you'll be blown away by that cut jaw line and nearly in tears by his hysterical captions.

If his good looks and sense of humor weren't enough, the 25-year-old also loves spending time with his younger half-brothers and cousins and is constantly posting photos with the toddlers — trust us, it's enough to make your ovaries burst from the cuteness. The rest of his Instagram feed provides a behind-the-scene look at him rooting for his mom during award shows, while his Twitter is so funny you need to read it like a novel from beginning to end.

Keep reading to see your new almost-a-celebrity crush's funniest (and hottest) social media moments.