Step Aside Basic Horchata, Because Pink Horchata Is Coming Through

Horchata has been a classic staple in Latinx culture, but when Starbucks debuted their new Sweet Horchata Almond Milk Frap, we knew the rice and almond cold drink was going to become mainstream.

The world barely had any time to get to know classic horchata before it was quickly replaced by a sexier version — and it's PINK! Yes, you read that right. This icy concoction is a millennial dream, all ready for the 'gram.

Teaquation Cafe in Redwood City, CA, created the pink dream, called Latitiude Zero. The all-natural sip looks to be made by mixing red prickly pear juice with rice milk, and according to Instagram, it's delicious.

Other places across California have added their own pink horchata to their menus, including Café Calacas in Santa Ana and a variety of vendors around Raleigh Studios in West Hollywood. Now, we just need (we repeat, need) this new trend to make it across the US so we can give it a try.