12 Things You Didn't Know About Prince Royce — Straight From the Singer Himself


You might know Prince Royce from bachata hits like "Solita," "Darte un Beso," and "Corazón Sin Cara." Or maybe it was with the release of his first English-language album, Double Vision, that the trailblazer first stole your heart. Whatever it is, the baby-faced singer is now undeniably a powerhouse not to be ignored.

We caught up with the artist to find out straight from his own mouth what even die-hard fans might not know. Keep scrolling to find out 12 surprising facts about the Latin heartthrob, then check out his most muscle-showing photos ever.


His First Language Is English

"Most people don’t know English was my first language, and that’s what I started out singing in. I’ll never leave Latin music or my roots behind, but singing in English and trying pop and R&B is something I’ve been dreaming about since my childhood in the Bronx. I hope this album will introduce me to a new crowd and that my fans will like the risks I took. I even surprised myself with how different I sound in English!"


He Lives in Miami

"It reminds me of the Dominican Republic, which I visited often growing up. I'm not even really a big beach person, but I love the weather, and every day living here feels like a vacation. I can hop on a boat or jet ski whenever I want, or host a barbecue by the pool. New York will always be home, but I can do without the cold!"


When He Needs Advice, He Calls His Brothers and Cousins

"I never had that many friends at school because I had a crew of family. There are seven of us around my age, and we just kick it and talk about everything from girls to life lessons. When I need some insight, I'm texting or calling one of them."


His All-Time Favorite Dish Is Sancocho

"It's a really delicious stew that's like a staple for Dominican families. It's the best during the wintertime. I've had a lot of sancocho in my life, but nobody makes it like my mom."


. . . And He Doesn't Know How to Cook

"But I make a mean bowl of cereal! And if there any girls out there who want to show me, I'd love some cooking lessons . . ."


He Recorded 106 Songs For Double Vision

"It was really hard to narrow it down! If I had to pick my favorites, I'd say 'Lucky One,' because it's the kind of heartfelt song a couple might play at their wedding; 'Dangerous,' because it's my first real attempt at an urban dance track; and 'Handcuffs,' because it will appeal to the ladies."


Pitbull Is One of His Biggest Supporters

"I met him years ago, and he's always given me a lot of positive energy and guidance. When I was looking for someone to bring an English sound with Latin flavor to 'Back It Up,' I knew he was my guy. I texted him and he was down immediately; I thought he'd take a few weeks to get back to me, but 4 a.m. that same day, he hit me up like 'Yo, I finished the verse, here it is.' And then he did a Spanish rap, too! That is one hardworking dude."


The First Thing He Notices About a Woman Is Her Smile

"The energy of a smile can really draw me in. And next comes the eyes and the hair. If you catch my eye with all three, I'm in trouble!"


He's Obsessed With Video Games

"Call of Duty and Destiny are my top two. I even have a man cave where I just surround myself with my laptop, Xbox, and other gaming systems. If I wasn't a singer, I'd want to be a video game tester — one of those dudes who just plays for 12-14 hours straight and only takes food and bathroom breaks."


He Doesn't Like Clubs

"I just don't get the point of standing there with music so loud you can't hear yourself talk! I'm more of a laid-back lounge kind of guy. But my ideal Saturday night is catching a movie and going out to eat; I love trying new foods."


His Favorite Country — Besides DR, of Course — Is Italy

"I was recently lucky enough to visit, and strolling through Rome and Milan, it was so fascinating to see all the sites and history. I get to travel a lot for work, but my schedule is usually so hectic that I don't get to take my time and discover a new city. That's next on my bucket list: hitting the many places I've been wanting to visit and really enjoying the food and culture."


He Likes to Read

"The last great book I read was called The 48 Laws of Power. It's similar to The Art of Seduction, except it's all about being hungry and making your way to the top, with examples about how CEOs and presidents did it. I was taking in every single word; the next level for me is world denomination!"