All the Times Queen Máxima Was So Legitimately Excited to See Her Fans, It Showed on Her Face

We're giving Queen Máxima of the Netherlands another (and better) title: queen of the smiley face. The royal, who was born in Argentina, can't help but grin from ear to ear every time she steps out and sees a swarm of fans waiting to get a glimpse of her and her husband on official business.

The couple waves, shakes hands, takes pictures, and accept flowers from everyone cheering for them, and we know by the way they do it that they're legitimately happy to see them. Just look at the queen's face as she greets them — you can't fake that excited expression. Keep scrolling to see all the times the royal's smile was contagious. When you're done take a look at her incredible hat collection and find all the reasons she should be your fashion muse.