We Were Pretty Over Unicorns, Until We Laid Eyes on This Unicorn Tamale

Years before the unicorn craze would influence Starbucks and other major brands to put out products inspired by the mythical creature, a small Mexican restaurant in Tlaquepaque did the same. In 2014, Los Mitotes de María created a joyful rainbow dessert tamale meant to celebrate the local LGBTQ community. Now, due to the latest unicorn mania, the specialty menu item is newly trending after being spotted by Mitú.

In a video for Canal 44 in Mexico, chef Alberto Rebolledo shared the making of the bright tamale. Because it's a dessert tamale, the process basically just involves dyeing different buttery fruit pastes with edible food coloring and wrapping them in the traditional corn husk. Ahead, watch Alberto break down the special dessert and enjoy some colorful pictures of it.

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Ángulos: María Tamales