Can We Please Take a Moment to Admire How Hot Chayanne's Son, Lorenzo, Is?

Do you remember growing up when your mother would go crazy over Chayanne, playing his music and repeating over and over how hot he was? It turns out, Chayanne has aged like fine wine, and while it's hard to accept that he's old enough to be my dad, I'd probably fight my mom over him — sorry, mom!

However, I've chosen to move past that and focus on his 22-year-old son, Lorenzo Valentino Figueroa.

The FIU business student takes after his dad, with undeniable charisma and obvious good looks. He loves fitness (which is very clear based on his shirtless photos), playing golf and basketball, and is all about family, constantly uploading photos with his younger sister, Isadora Sofía; his famous dad; and his beautiful mom.

Lorenzo seems to be the perfect package: career- and family-oriented, athletic, and good-looking, with parents that you'd love to have as in-laws. Keep scrolling if you need a little extra convincing, or just to brighten up your day a little!