8 Signs You Grew Up Asian Latinx

Growing up in a Latinx household is an experience like no other, but mix that in with an Asian household, and you know things were even better. I grew up with both a Mexican mother and a Laotian father, and while that definitely involved a lot of spicy food and soap operas — er, telenovelas and Thai movies — over the years, I've been plagued with tons of questions regarding my background and ethnicity, like the infamous, "What are you?" Sound familiar? Then this one is for you.


Your Refrigerator Was Always Stocked With Tapatío and Sriracha


People Constantly Asked What You Were


Your Last Name Never Looked Like It Belonged to You


"Guess My Ethnicity" Is a Real Game


You Eat Rice and Tortillas All Day, Every Day


You Lived Off Spicy Candy and Those Yan Yan Snacks


Your Parents Were Always Watching Some Kind of Soap Opera