10 Things You'll Find at Your Latina Mom's House

Growing up in a Latinx household means you didn't eat out much, you didn't do sleepovers, and you learned the ins and outs of your mom's very quirky and incredibly useful habits. So now, when you go back to visit her or spend the day thinking about her house, you have an avalanche of memories that more often than not include chancletas, VapoRub, and whatever was in the butter container in the fridge the last time you were over (hint: not butter). Keep reading for 10 things you'll most likely find at every Latina mom's house.


Goya's Entire Line

Your mom does not do anything halfsies, which means every product Goya has ever created is stocked in the pantry, "por si acaso."



She may not have any real medicine, but you're guaranteed to have VapoRub offered to you the next time you have a headache . . . have a stomachache . . . hurt your ankle . . . really anything wrong with you.


Fruit Magnets

Your mom has them, her mom has them, her mom's mom had them. You have them, too.


Cookie Tins Filled With Sewing Kits

At least one cookie tin in your mom's house has needles and thread. You might also find another one with a homemade first-aid kit. None will be found that actually contains cookies.


Butter Containers That Don't Hold Butter

Notice the plural in containers — your mom's fridge is full of butter containers (her preferred brand: Country Crock) and probably only one (if that) actually has any butter in it.


Pretty Plates That You've Never (EVER!) Used

Your mom has so many dinner plate sets sitting in a cabinet, and you cannot for the life of you remember a single time when they were used. They don't come out on Christmas or Easter, so what's the point of them?


A "Luxurious" Bathroom Set

Why does the toilet need a cover with lace trimmings and floral decorations? We will never understand.


"The Last Supper"

There's a huge "The Last Supper" poster hanging over your mom's dining table or on a wall in the living room. It's been there just staring at you since her mom gave it to her — and by staring at you, we mean judging you.


Your Favorite Food

If she knows you're coming over, then you can bet that she's going to have empanadas, maduros, tamales, or whatever your favorite dish is ready and waiting for you.


Hair Rollers

Technology has given us flat-iron beach waves and curling wands, but your mom still insists that hair rollers are her best bet.