Vicente Fernández Performed With His Son and Grandson at the Latin Grammys, and Wow!

This year's biggest standing ovation at the 20th annual Latin Grammys was for Vicente Fernández. Chente was awarded with the Premio de la Presidencia from the Latin Recording Academy, and he took the opportunity to deliver a historic performance, bringing together his son Alejandro and grandson Alex on stage for the first time.

Dressed as charros, the Fernández dynasty let Alex — Alejandro's son — take the lead and watched him deliver a soulful performance of "Te Amaré," with a voice as deep as his father's and grandfather's. Then Alejandro came on, singing "Caballero," to later welcome Vicente, who belted out "La Derrota."

For the grand finale, the trio delighted us with the classic "Volver Volver." After they were done, a standing ovation ensued, lasting for what felt like forever, but not enough for our beloved Chente. People could be heard yelling "otra, otra!" over the claps and screams, to which Chente jokingly said he owed us because the academy keeps them tight on time during these events.

Once the audience settled down a bit, Chente proceeded to thank his fans, who he said are part of his family and who will "stay forever in his heart." Keep scrolling to watch how the Fernández dynasty made Latin Grammy history.