Mexico's Former President Has a Message For Trump: "Don't Mess Around With Us, Señor"

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Vicente Fox started off his appearance on Conan O'Brien's Mexico City talk show strong by gifting the host customized cowboy boots that read, "No f*cking wall." Following the bold gesture, the former president of Mexico spoke about Donald Trump, his respective immigration plans, and why the border wall just won't work.

Fox cited the famous Berlin Wall as an example that border walls are more divisive than they are anything else. He said, "Walls don't work. Especially when the people of the United States and Mexico, we are neighbors. We are friends. We are partners. More so, we are roommates."

Fox, who has been vocal about his opinions on Trump on Twitter, also noted how vital immigrants are to our nation. "There are so many Mexicans doing good work, that are loyal to the United States, making that economy competitive. Now they want to kick them in the ass and throw them out." Adding, "That is going to be a big, big loss for the United States."

In an incredible jab at Trump's campaign slogan, Fox said, "America is great and it will be greater because of our people." He then likened the Mexican people to the jalapeño when he said, "We might be short but we are hot, like a jalapeño. So, don't mess around with us, Señor Trump." Watch the incredible interview in its entirety, above.