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jelleebeen jelleebeen 8 years
I would also have to add Thomas Crowne (Pierce Brosnan) from the Thomas Crowne Affair. Sexy, a bit mysterious, challenging, loves art, will whisk you away to a private island...
jelleebeen jelleebeen 8 years
This is a great list. All are yum!
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
I'd go with dude from the Notebook. I love make up sex. ;)
mrsld mrsld 8 years
Tart- Spot on! Everybody loves the badboys! We know we should fall for the men above but really end up swooning over the delicious ones that are bad for us.
WritingLikeCrazy WritingLikeCrazy 8 years
All of these men are delicious, but this article made me finally realize what's wrong with me. I'm not into romantic men, I'm into bad boys. I preferred Ewan MacGregor in "Trainspotting" rather than "Moulin Rouge," dug Ryan Gosling in "Half Nelson" and like "Fight Club"-era Brad Pitt. And was I the only one who thought Christian Bale was hot in "American Psycho?" Man, do I need help... ; )
nancita nancita 8 years
Oooh, Tristan is a good one.
dexaholic dexaholic 8 years
I would add Ewan McGregor's "Christian" from Moulin Rouge to the top of the list!
eaeime eaeime 8 years
Oh yeah. Gotta love Tristan :)
rossy rossy 8 years
You forgot to add one - Tristan Ludlow (Brad Pitt) of "Legends of the Fall"... OH MY GOD! Hard to tame wild boy. YUM.
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