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Regardless of what they think about his policies, a lot of Americans agree that President Obama might be the nation's first hip president. While some think his style is elusive and hard to define, I've narrowed down 10 things that make Barack Obama cooler than other commanders in chief.

Here's my list:

  1. He's addicted to tech: He refused to give up his BlackBerry becoming the first emailing president.
  2. He's not self-conscious: While he's sort of a goofy dancer, Barack sure looked cool when he came out grooving on Ellen's show.
  3. He inspires teen slang: At one Albany, NY high school teens respond to a sneeze with "Barack you." (Barack does mean blessed.)
  4. He's not uptight: The White House work day starts at 9 a.m. and it's not necessary to wear a jacket in the oval office.
  5. He's married to Michelle: Nothing makes you more cool than having an inspiring partner by your side.

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  1. He doesn't get bitter: As Fred Armisen demonstrates on SNL, Obama can't hold a grudge. Hillary's Secretary of State! Joe Lieberman got to keep his powerful position in Congress. Barack even got friendly with rival John McCain right after the election.
  2. He brought basketball to the White House: Not only did he promise to install a court, but he also correctly predicted that North Carolina would win the NCAA tournament.
  3. He keeps up with the memes: Barack showed Beyonce his "Single Ladies" moves at the inauguration.
  4. He can tell a good joke (sometimes): At his online townhall he joked that his virtual audience was probably high. But his sense of humor can flop too — like the time he made an insensitive joke involving the Special Olympics.
  5. R&B artists just stop by his house: On Tuesday, Usher dropped in (without an invitation) to the White House to watch President Obama sign the Serve America Act.


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