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  1. Having seen The Bachelor more seasons than I care to admit, I will say that having a bevy of women vying for your attention looks more fun for the man than 25 30 men vying for a woman's attention. (Here are the guys.) Watching Jillian walk into a room full of boozed-up bachelors wanting to talk to her made me uncomfortable for her. No wonder she was sucking down those Chardonnays.
  2. It's hard to break-dance in a white, form-fitting, charmeuse gown.
  3. Some men really, really identify with their jobs. (Pilot dude, I'm talking to you.)
  4. Being sincere and yourself (Kiptyn, Ed) is so much more attractive than acting a part (Juan, Kyle.)
  5. Sadly, sometimes being sincere isn't enough (sorry, Adam).

To find out what else I learned,


  1. It's true — funny often trumps hunky. (Break-dancer guy over square-jawed, humorless bohunks.)
  2. Having a man you don't know sing you a love song he wrote for you is . . . weird not romantic.
  3. I now know that if a man asks you to take your shoes off within moments of meeting you and can't make eye contact with you, but also isn't looking at your chest but rather stealing furtive glances down to your feet, he probably has a foot fetish.
  4. Men have some odd names these days. (Mathue. Kiptyn. Two Tanners — Tanner P. and Tanner F.? Really?)
  5. There's not enough money in the world you could give me to be on a reality-dating show.

Photos copyright 2009 ABC, Inc.

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