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11-Year-Old Sells Bike For Hillary Clinton

Boy Sells Bike For Clinton While She Soars in Swing States

The news out of the Clinton campaign regarding the candidate's finances hasn't been good lately. Even though she has raised an astonishing $200 million so far, Hillary is $19.4 million in debt.

But she has found a diamond, or at least $422, in the rough of bad money news — an 11-year-old Kentucky boy sold his bike and video games and donated the proceeds to her campaign.

Hillary's young fan Dalton Hatfield shared his motivation to give with the New York Times:

I saw that her funds were running low. I just saw so much that I did not need such as like my video games, and I thought, "What can I do with them?"

Dalton agrees with Clinton's position on the war, the economy, and health care.

Despite her lack of cash, Hillary may have a new incentive to fight on. To see why,


A new poll shows that Clinton is stronger than Obama in the swing states. Clinton significantly beats John McCain in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, while Obama trails McCain in two of the three swing states.

Does the new poll give Hillary a persuasive reason to fight on, or is it more proof that she should get out and let Obama increase his support in these regions? Are you inspired by young Dalton's enthusiasm or bummed that he sold his possessions to make a minimal dent in Hillary's debt?


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