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18 Dead in Gaza Strip

Headline: 18 Dead in Violence in the Gaza Strip

At least 18 Palestinians, almost all Hamas militants, were killed today in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. About 50 others were injured during the Israeli raid, which came one day after Palestinians and Israelis began peace talks.

The confrontation ensued when an undercover Israeli army unit targeted a house used to launch rockets at Israel. A Palestinian gunman opened fire after spotting the Israelis.

Israeli President Shimon Peres said that if Gaza militants continue to fire rockets at Israel, his country is "left without a choice but to answer and stop it."

Mahmoud al-Zahar, a member of Hamas's leadership in the Gaza Strip, lost his son in the violence. He has called for the suspension of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, which were initiated by Bush during his visit to the region last week. Blaming Bush's visit and "the cover supplied by Bush to the Israeli occupation authorities," he said the Palestinians would retaliate in the way Israel understands.


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minaminamina minaminamina 9 years
Personally, if my children were killed in violence, I'd retaliate. I'm human, I'm sorry, it's not the logical or reasonable reaction, but I would be mad as hell if I had to bury my children just because the U.S. funds $3 billion dollars a year to Israel as a gift. What Israel and Palestine need to make peace is everyone else OUT - no money, no talks to 'bring peace', nada. It was colonialism that started this, and this pseudo colonialism that the U.S. has over the region by funding half of what goes on there is what is continuing it.
pequeña pequeña 9 years
The Israeli-Palestinian peace should be a priority for America. But I don't think Bush will be able to mediate. He just crossed the line into absolutely and completely useless. I hope he doesn't start anything with Iran, that would lead into another horrible war.
flutterpie flutterpie 9 years
i had a feeling this would happen, and am i the only who would think that if your son is killed in violence, wouldnt that open your eyes to stop it not increase it?
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