20 Reasons She Didn't Call You Back

When you feel like you really hit it off with someone and then never hear from them again, it can be extremely disheartening. Dear Wendy has compiled a list of reasons why you might not have gotten a call back. Any to add?


Most of us women have, at one time or another in our lives, wondered (usually obsessively and over a bottle of wine with our friends), "Why hasn't he called?" The question can plague us for weeks before we finally get over it and move on. But rarely do we consider the torment we can put poor guys through when we don't call them. Maybe they called after a first date and we never got back to them, or maybe we met them at a party or a bar and gave them our numbers, never to return their first (or second or third) attempts to reach us. I've got 20 reasons we women may not have called you back.

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  1. Your divorce isn't finalized yet.
  2. She didn't like the way you kissed her.
  3. You talked too much about your ex.
  4. You talked too much about your job.
  5. She thought your jokes were stupid.
  6. You insulted her line of work.
  7. You had very bad breath.
  8. You were a bad tipper.
  9. She doesn't want to date a dad.
  10. You made a sexist, racist, or homophobic remark.

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  1. You were too aggressive.
  2. She caught you checking out other women.
  3. You looked too much like her brother.
  4. You looked too much like her ex.
  5. She got back together with her ex.
  6. You live in Jersey/too far away.
  7. You're a vegetarian.
  8. She only gave you her number to be polite.
  9. She decided to start a sex sabbatical.
  10. You wore white pants.

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