10 Dating Slang Terms You Should Know Before 2017

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2016, the time is upon us to round up the most used (and sometimes abused) dating terms that colored our lives and made texting that much easier over the past 365 days.

Without these little acronyms and slang terms, how could we have even dated this year?! How many group chats did these little gems populate painting a detailed description of what the actual hell we were talking about in one convenient word versus having to type out paragraphs upon paragraphs?

While some like suh, MOT, F2F, and thirst trap were forgettable (seriously did anyone use those?!), some are sure to stick around for years to come. These are the ones we will address, since they absolutely deserve it!


Definition: Direct message.
Our Take: If you haven't heard the phrase, "slide into the DMs" you probably don't listen to music or participate in pop culture. DMs are everywhere, from rap songs to your favorite Instagram memes. We couldn't think of a better or more concise way to describe when someone doesn't have your number, but can message you "directly" on your social media accounts.



Definition: When a person who you went on a seemingly great date with doesn't plan another, ever, yet they sporadically message you just to keep you interested. Essentially keeping you "on the bench."
Our Take: Benching is 2016's version of ghosting, and it's almost the exact same thing. ICYMI ghosting occurs when a person who you went on a pretty good date with doesn't plan another and you actually never hear from them again . . . literally ever. Benching is just another classification of a sh*t way to treat a dating prospect, but in this case, they take the time to check in every so often just to make sure they still have a shot with you.


Definition: Wallowing in your sorrows caused by the opposite sex.
Our Take: Drake didn't croon his way into our hearts as an assh*le when it comes to love. Oh no, no, no! He captured our hearts as being THE most sensitive man alive, especially in the world of rap. Drake is just as sensitive as we are when we face woes in the world of love, so inevitably we use "draking" to describe times where we feel just as emotional as he is.


Definition: That Ho Over There
Our Take: Although this may at first sound like it could be something you'd want to be, it isn't. You do NOT want to be THOT. This is a pretty nifty term created by assh*les who are pointing out their next victims to their assh*le friends.


AF, SAF, IDGAF, and anything AF

Definition: As F*ck
Our Take: AF was always sort of a thing, but 2016 made it a thing on everything. Whether we were SO single we just had to throw an AF behind it, or we don't give a f*ck so bad that we have to minimize our letter usage, and throw it in all caps, we absolutely need AF (NAF).

Netflix and Chill

Definition: Come over and have sex.
Our Take: In high school we had, "Want to come over to my parents and watch a movie?" Now that our generation is old enough to live on our own and afford to stream movies as we please, we had to tweak our go to phrase for, "let's hook up while pretending to watch TV." We love "Netflix and Chill" because it makes no apologies, and although it doesn't go outright and say, "let's have sex," we ALL know what we're getting into when we accept that kind of invitation.


Definition: Killing it.
Our Take: Commonly used by the basic b*tch when giving gfs props before a night out if she has a killer outfit on, or is about to go get a man she's had her eyes on, "slaaayy"!


Drafting Season

Definition: The Spring and Summer months when the singles are out and about and you're weighing your prospects as cuffing season nears.
Our Take: Cuffing season was SO 2015, but in the new year we decided to give it more love by coining "drafting season." Drafting season is just as chaotic as it is for professional sports teams. You have no idea for sure who is going to end up with who, but you start to form your top picks and are prepared to close some deals to ensure you have someone cuffed by the time the leaves change.

D*ck Sand

Definition: It's like quicksand, but with d*cks. This is when a girl gets sucked in, completely loses their sense of self, and changes solely based on the person they are getting d*ck from. Whether it's a boyfriend, or friend with benefits, it doesn't matter. She is completely owned by his d*ck.
Our Take: This one was bestowed upon us by one of our new favorite movies, How To Be Single. Most girls at some point have succumbed to d*ck sand, and maybe now that it has been given a proper term and definition, this foolish behavior will come to an end.


Definition: Define the relationship.
Our Take: So at first this one confused us. We thought maybe it was a typo from DTF (down to f*ck). But, essentially it means the opposite. DTR has saved us all from the former lengthier terms of, "asked me out," and "going steady" (a real oldie). Without DTR how could we ever avoid the awkward, "will you be my girlfriend?" verbiage?!

So there you have it, the best-of-the-best dating terms from 2016. We absolutely cannot wait to see what pops up next year! So until then, DTR, watch out for d*cksand, and keep your draking to a minimum you SAF kids! Happy New Year!