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24: The Unaired 1994 Episode

In this pilot episode of 24, Agent Bauer must disassemble a bomb before it ticks to everyone's demise. But there's one problem— the year is 1994 and pay phones, bike messengers, floppy disks, old-school printers with perforated paper, dial-up internet service, AOL chat rooms, VHS tapes, and polaroid cameras aren't all too conducive to high-speed progress. Will Bauer complete or bomb his mission? (Thanks, College Humor!)

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-Maryan- -Maryan- 9 years
LMAO!! Hilarious!!!! :D
Phil Phil 9 years
HAHAHA!! He could've just called Collect when he got disconnected from CTU. And that damned modem sound!
_Rocky_ _Rocky_ 9 years
Aaah this was brilliant!
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
:rotfl: Pay by the hour. I forgot about that!
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 9 years
Wow. Dot matrix printers. I don't miss those. They were fun to listen to though...
agnt99 agnt99 9 years
Hilarious!!! I'll watch this when I'm missing my Agent Bauer! New season on hold due to the writers strike!!
Megatron Megatron 9 years
:rotfl: I remember those days!
NyckieRocks NyckieRocks 9 years
oh god! it was like living my teenage years.... only... i didnt disarm bombs lol
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