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The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers

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The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers
The Iraq war is many things to different people. For some companies, it's a big profit. Media pundits are outraged at private companies scooping up huge, no-questions-asked contracts to manufacture weapons, rebuild infrastructure, or anything else the government deems necessary to win (or plant its flag in Iraq). No matter what your stance on the war, it pays to know the 25 companies where your tax dollars are being spent.

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
Where's the evidence that all of these contracts are "no-questions-asked?"
stephley stephley 9 years
Wow! I didn't realize Dianne Feinstein was getting soo stinking rich off the war. I wonder what kind of contracts these companies have and what happens if we leave on the Iraqis current timetable. Will Iraq honor the contracts, or take over the work?
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