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2.7 Million North Koreans Will Starve This Month Without Aid

According to the World Food Program, North Korea may be facing one of the most serious food crisis in its history. Nearly 2.7 million people who live on the country's west coast are facing starvation this month unless food does not reach them. 2.7 million. Hungry millions recalls the similarly stark problem in India.

The cause of the food shortages are for a variety of reasons, devastating floods in 2007, lack of employment, and a centralized leadership that has mismanaged resources. It is estimated that a recent famine has been responsible for nearly 2 million deaths already. The country has been relying on aid to feed its 23 million people.

To see who's been called upon to give them aid,


South Korea, which has a typically hostile relationship with its northern neighbor, has not committed to sending aid as yet, despite the fact that the World Food Program has requested it. Their reluctance is due in part to heightened political tensions, including the shooting death of a South Korean tourist by a North Korean soldier at a resort.

In oddly related food news, scientists in England are developing foods that slow down the digestive system, signaling the brain to suppress appetite. It's a discovery that according to one professor, "would be a big help for people having trouble losing weight." It's a poignantly stark contrast between the global tug of the problems of the have-nots and have-way-too-muches.


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