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2nd Baby Shower Etiquette

Dear Sugar
What is the etiquette for second baby showers? I have a friend who had a baby 18 months ago and is having another shower for her 2nd child. People I talk to are outraged that she has the nerve to have another shower. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, especially if she found out that the second baby is a different sex than the first. What do you think? Is there a time limit? What if her first child was 4 years old? Would that make a difference? Confused Caren

Dear Confused Caren
I've heard of these. They are called "Sprinkles" - baby showers for the second child that is a different sex. But I don't really agree with them. I think that it's pretty tacky to have another shower. How much can you ask of your friends? First you get married and there are engagement, shower and wedding gifts surrounding those events and then you have a baby shower. If someone offers to throw you a shower and you would like to celebrate the pregnancy then sure, go for it - it's understandable that you will need things for a newborn. But asking for gifts again is over the top. You've already got the basics from your 18 month old, so you are basically just asking for girly stuff this time around. I don't think that's right. Your good friends are going to give you gifts anyway. But remember, if you do choose to go, then you are obligated to bring a gift

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westmichiganmom westmichiganmom 10 years
My friend is having a second child and I want to throw a surprise baby shower for her. First of all I am told it’s tacky, so I looked it up. She never had a first baby shower for her son, so why is it tacky to have one for the new baby on the way? They got everything for themselves as she has just moved here and didn’t know anyone.
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