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Cruel Inventions: 3 Relationship Games From Gossip Girl

Who wasn't playing games on last night's Gossip Girl? Or, really, who ever isn't? There's the big assassin-themed birthday party for Nate (what are they 19 now? Is that too old to speak of?), and then there are the little games everyone else plays to make, break, and save relationships.

Here are three games played on last night's episode "Inglorious Bassterds." I'm sure you can guess who lost.

To salvage love: Dan lies to Vanessa about how little he liked her play, while she pretends she hasn't read his short story yet to protect his feelings. He confronts her during the assassin game, and they give each other useful feedback, kiss, and make up. But only until next week. Turns out Vanessa, the show's most underestimated liar, secretly applied to the same writing program as Dan.


To break it up: Cousin Jack Bass makes an indecent proposal to Blair: spend one night with him, and Chuck will get his beloved hotel back. But then Jack, ever the multilayer player, kisses her and says game's over Blair. BTW, Chuck set this up. He loves his hotel more than you!

To hit on your stepsister's boyfriend: Little J swooped in while Serena and everyone else was playing the we-forgot-your-birthday game, and took Nate out for a burger and a movie (because they're just like real teens from 1957). She may win assassin by stealing a kiss, but will she win Nate away from Serena? Looks like we'll have to wait. If there's one thing GG can do, though, it's begin and end a plot in about three episodes!

For more on last night's Gossip Girl, check out Buzz's WTF moments; Fab's fashion quiz; and Geek's tech quiz.

Photo Courtesy of The CW

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