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4 Tips on Keeping Your Diet in Check When You're Dating

4 Tips on Keeping Your Diet in Check When You're Dating

With so much eating out and letting loose with the one you're crushing on, it's not surprising to see that 51 percent of you gain weight in the beginning of a new relationship. In an effort to avoid letting your waistband suffer in the name of love, I've shared four tips on how to keep your weight in check while falling in love. If I've missed something that works for you, please share your secrets in the comments below.

  • No one likes to be a Debbie Downer, so instead of saying no to dinner dates or ordering pizza while watching the football game, make sure to stay on track of your exercise routine. If you continue to work out, you'll be able to give yourself a little more leniency with your diet.
  • Be mindful about how much you're drinking. Not only does alcohol add empty calories to your diet (be sure to drink light beer and avoid sweet mixers when you can), but it can lower your inhibitions and make you eat more.

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  • Pick and choose. If you want to indulge in a decedent dinner, pass on dessert. If you chose to eat a light meal, treat yourself to a shared dessert — just try not to do both!
  • Work it off in the bedroom! In a half-hour period, you can burn up to 43 calories making out and 125 calories making love!


sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
I gained quite a bit of weight in the beginning of our relationship. Wine... chocolate... sweeties... pizza... but now I just say no and cook us delicious meals instead. It works.
jazzytummy jazzytummy 8 years
One thing that helps me when I go out to eat is the one of three rule- If I go out and want a cocktail, I skip the bread and dessert, if I want bread, I skip the other two. It really is pretty easy and saves quite a few calories. Also, I once read that most people that want dessert aren't really hungry for it, they just want the sweetness after dinner, and that people are satisfied with 3 bites. I tested this with my sweet tooth, splitting desserts, and it is true. You don't need to eat the whole thing to feel satisfied. I give myself one cheat meal a week where I don't worry about anything and eat and drink whatever I want...many experts say this is important to keep you from binge eating, and I agree.
stumbler02 stumbler02 8 years
the drinking is a REALLY good point. i've all but quit drinking and it's amazing how much easier it's become for me to lose weight. it's not as fun, but the difference is worth it. plus, it saves money when you don't go out. staying in with your honey has charms of its own :)
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
#1 is so true, you have to give yourself some leniency once in awhile.
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