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5 Backhanded Compliments Straight From Snooki's NYT Profile

5 Backhanded Compliments Straight From Snooki's NYT Profile

I'd bet most fans of Jersey Shore aren't taking it too seriously, but Cathy Horn, who interviewed Snooki, her father, and a pop culture expert for yesterday's New York Times Snooki profile, has a serious problem with at least one of the stars. The piece, which opens with the line: "Flake, cow, loser, slut, idiot, airhead, trash, penguin, creep, moron, midget, freak, Oompa-Loompa, nobody," is filled with contempt for the tanned 22-year-old.

Her physical appearance is ridiculed: "She is busty and short-waisted with small legs; sort of like a turnip turned on its tip," as is her intellect: "Trying to hold a conversation with Snooki is a little like getting down on your hands and knees with a child." But even the nicer points are thinly veiled, and rather harsh, backhanded compliments. Check out five fake compliments that stood out to me:

  1. She's like Elizabeth Taylor: "The reason she makes me think of Elizabeth Taylor — quite apart from the unbridgeable divide of talent and beauty — is that photographs of Ms. Taylor in the 1960s, many of which recently ran in Vanity Fair, confirm a short, busty woman with high hair, big jewelry, garish taste in clothes and a complete indifference to the cyclonic effect that all that produced."
  2. She's delicious . . . artlessness: "As much as Professor Thompson is a fan of the show, 'I certainly wouldn't want to be stuck in an elevator with her.' . . . He thinks she has a 'delicious artlessness.'"

Get the rest after the jump.

  1. She's an icon: "'If you were to draw a cartoon of her, you would know immediately who she is,' said Chris Linn, the executive vice president for pilots at MTV. 'She’s an icon.'"
  2. She's not self-centered: "Sometimes you almost think you need to bribe her with a piece of candy to coax her to be more responsive. She is really only responsive to her own immediate needs and desires. She is not self-centered, but she is used to acting out and getting away with it."
  3. Her look is interesting: "Lots of 22-year-old women wear revealing clothes, but they may not have her body shape, and it’s a safe bet they’re not rocking a pouf. Though that may change when a line of Snooki hair products comes out. Anyway, the effect has been interesting."

I think it's safe to say the author won't be taking advice from Snooki anytime soon.

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Caitie64 Caitie64 7 years
Since the whole show makes where I live look terrible and its insulting I say that article is right on.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 7 years
Ouch! Yeah, I'm not too impressed with her, but what did she do to deserve such ridicule? Especially about her appearance.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
Couldn't the cast of Jersey Shore just stay where they are are from (like, Staten Island), and make a show about being absolutely stereotypical and stupid there instead? Never once have I met a girl like Snooki and I'm actually from NJ. Also, I have not met one real Italian (who is not trying to prove something or participate in douchebaggery) who makes themselves look like a penny, spikes their frosted hair, etc. I say that even though making fun of her weight and crap isn't very nice, this girl is atrocious. If people want to insult her attention-whoring personality, that is fine. Perhaps that is what happens to people when they are forced to behave in a certain way to perpetuate stereotypes - especially on camera. Thankfully, by Labor Day, all of these people will be back in NY...being stupid there, too.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
I do not think the Jersey Shore cast is unaware of their public image and reputation (if they are... then, wow, they are even more braindead than I thought). I don't think Snooki's feelings are going to be that hurt. Nothing was said that hasn't been said since that show started.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
The most shocking thing about that story was Snooki's admission that she's only read two books in her life. I am choosing to believe that's a joke.
stephley stephley 7 years
I’ve got no problem with the article. Should the writer lie and sugarcoat what she believes she sees in front of her? Snooki IS busty and short legged: she’s also very opinionated and vulgar and pushing to become a celebrity. She’s not presenting any product, any creation, other than her physical self and her behavior – so what exactly would you have the reporter write about?
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
I still think it's cruel to publicly humiliate her about her weight.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
Way to skew things, Tres. If anyone actually cares to read the three page article, I found it more honest than harsh. Two of the above points listed were the author quoting other people, not even her own opinion. I've never seen the show, but from what I've heard I doubt anyone is watching it for the intelligent discourse. Most people don't take it too seriously, but does that mean any discussion about it must be dumbed down?
bransugar79 bransugar79 7 years
I think people assume it's OK to be rude to these people as if we've all made a social contract to let any comment about them pass because we have somehow agreed they are the lowest common denominator of society. Even if some of the things written about Snooki are true, it doesn't make the person writing them any less tactless for having pointed them out. She is after all still a human being, and none of us would appreciate someone's unabashed hatred for us being printed as fact.
elramos elramos 7 years
I hope the start of the article is a summary of what other people have said about her, and not the writer's point of view. Not that she makes that clear at all. It's one thing to be honest and another thing to fill an article with your own negative opinion.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
so rude! she's still a person, even though she may be a little different than the rest of us!
le-romantique le-romantique 7 years
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