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On last night's The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, commercial pilot and last season loser Jake Pavelka attempted to find his soul mate among 25 women. Between the "landing strip" jokes, absurd statements, and premature tears (it's the first episode!) I did manage to take away five lessons.

  1. The fact that you can afford your own home in Texas does not mean you can afford clothes. During the first 10 minutes Jake rarely wears a shirt, showing off his muscles while he's at home in Dallas or running on the beach in LA. His body is hot though.
  2. There is an adult prom dress market. Practically every woman was wearing a shiny Jessica McClintock type dress.
  3. Soft lighting doesn't hide the crazy. Examples: one bachelorette gave Jake her son's favorite toy airplane, while another woman brought him dirt as a present to symbolize their "common ground."
  4. Gimmicks work. Bachelorette Ashley put on a sexy flight attendant costume (in the clip above) and caught pilot Jake's attention long enough to not be eliminated in the first round. If you have to stand out among 25 women, a gimmick can't hurt.
  5. Nice guys might not finish last. If Jake, who seems genuine about wanting to settle down, can find his match among these women, then more power to him.

Did you tune in last night?

Pampire Pampire 7 years
It looks like its going to be a good season, oh god how I love bad reality TV! In an upcoming episode Jake catches one of his crazy ladies having a fling with one of the production crew, oooh SCANDALOUS! Can't wait!
tiff58 tiff58 7 years
I'm confused- why would he have to give up flying if his wife was afraid to fly? Does she come to work with him? I definitely commented about the dresses as well! Everyone in different colors and they all looked like they were going to a pageant- ew! There is something to be said about LBD's.
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
jake is definitely nice to look at, but he's completely boring and naieve (spelling?). if i heard him say "i know my wife is here" (or something along those lines) once more, i would have puked! i would NEVER give up a career i love for a guy (from a dating show no less). as much as i hated it, i couldn't turn it off, so i know i'll keep watching...haha!
popcorn19 popcorn19 7 years
Loved the part of him showering and soaping up. So fantastic... yet also made me feel a tad bit dirty...
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 7 years
Ha! The only thing I learned is that boy is fiiiiine honey, lol. I don't watch the bachelor other than stop by if I see it while flipping channels and stop by to ogle at him for a momentito.
LouLou12 LouLou12 7 years
I thought it was a total train wreck, yet I couldn't stop watching! All of the girls seemed to be in love with him from the Bachelorette, which is setting them up for disaster. And I have to agree with the others, there were some certifiably crazies in that group.
Swedeybebe Swedeybebe 7 years
He's a total pushover, thats why he never got past first dates! I mean, that question that Chris asked about if he would give up flying if the girl he was in love with didnt like it, and he says "love is bigger than flying"... Come on man! wouldn't you like to find a girl that supports your interests? He'd settle for anything- he DID give crazy eyes Michelle a rose last night!
weffie weffie 7 years
1. Not a problem to me whatsoever! 2. I think the dresses were given to the girls by producers... it seems very unlikely that the first 5 to get out of the limo and sit next to the others in a row ALL chose different crayon hues without help. 3. I thought the plane and the dirt were only maybe 5% as crazy as everything that came out of Michelle's mouth... bitch is spun! The way she talked as if she'd known him for a long time (and as if he knew her from a hole in the wall) was sooooo creepy!! 4. It was a cute outfit but, as my roomie pointed out, she should've tried to get a Lufthansa uniform. 5. He sounds like he's setting himself up for defeat... "I know my wife is in there." In that room of crazy women. For serious.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 7 years
I watched the last 5 minutes and can't stop LMAO. Definitely on no.1, there were so many topless scenes of this guy which makes me wonder if he can afford to buy a t-shirt that's comfortable for him to wear long enough without taking 'em off.
JCP0240 JCP0240 7 years
I got sucked into watching this last night, and yikes. It is so awkward with all the scenes of Jake being shirtless. He's in the shower, doing yard work, running on the beach, yes he obviously has a great body but come on. Same thing with all the profiles of the women, they all just happen to be in bikinis right? Other than that I really am so excited that the Bachelor is back on! Thought it was cute when Jillian & Ed came on the help him out.
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