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5 Ways Online Dating Is Like The Bachelor (and 1 Way It's Not)

5 Ways Online Dating Is Like The Bachelor (and 1 Way It's Not)

After last week's melodramatic rose ceremony I practically swore off pilot Jake (whose drama is even vanilla) and this season of The Bachelor. Then Chris Harrison swooped in to tell me that tonight's episode will be going down in my hometown of San Francisco, so you know I'll be watching.

If you tune in too, you'll probably think that the dating show is anything but reality. But you're wrong. The Bachelor is similar to another pairing ritual: online dating. Here's what the two things have in common — and one way they significantly differ.

  1. You know the other person is playing the field. Once you sign up for online dating, or get chosen as the next Bachelor/ette, you suddenly have many dating options.
  2. The motivation is transparent. When you meet someone through online dating or on a reality dating show, you know they're trying to find out if you're boyfriend or girlfriend material (or trying to get Z-list fame or a free dinner).
  3. You know your date's "stats" up front. You don't have to wait until even the first date to find out what your dates do for work, if they have kids, if they've been married, etc. ABC or your dating site of choice does that for you.
  4. A second date is like a rose. If you get a follow up wink, poke, or plain old-fashioned phone call for a second date, you know you've made it to the next round. A "block," on the other hand, is equivalent to getting sent straight to the limo.
  5. Photos are important. Bachelor Jake consults his mantel of prospect pictures before making a big decision. Similarly, online daters glance back at profiles over and over again just in case they forget how hot a potential mate may be. But beware the "who's viewed me" feature!

And how do they differ? Unlike The Bachelor, online dating doesn't give one person all the power. Until you're exclusive, everyone gets to go on multiple dates and make out with all the willing prospects they want. In other words, getting it on with a producer while the other person hooks up with 25 other women won't get you kicked off.

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
And yeah, I like the show, but Jake annoys me sometimes, too. I sometimes wonder if that's just the way they are editing the show, to make him seem perfect. Although, I have to say, my own curiosity and the Internet have ruined reality shows for me! I stumbled across the spoilers for this season pretty much the first week the show aired. And, someone had posted them right in the comments on a non-spoilery article! I was annoyed. But, with reality shows, it's bound to happen.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I don't see how #1 is exclusive to online dating. Most people I know "play the field" until they are serious about someone. Online daters don't do it any more or less than other people. But, unlike the Bachelor, when someone is online dating (just like "traditional dating"), when he/she starts to get serious, he/she doesn't continue to date other people.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i love this show, but jake is soooo boring...ugh he is "too perfect"...he's so boring and too should be rough around the edges
lilegwene lilegwene 7 years
One relationship has worked that I can think of... "Trista and Ryan." I haven't seen tonight's episode yet, but I completely agree MS. It is silly that these women are supposed to be completely in love with him before they've met him! At the same time some of the women seem to just want a man, any man, to marry! (Thinking particularly of Michelle :P)
MSucre MSucre 7 years
Have any Bachelor/bachelorette relationships ever worked?!?!?!
MSucre MSucre 7 years
I'm on the East Coast, so I already finished this week's bachelor. I won't spoil anything for you West Coasters... Tonight's episode made it more obvious how the bachelor is nothing like any other kind of dating. Some of the women expressed how hard it was to share their "boyfriend" with 4 other women. This feeling is easy to relate to, especially when I start dating someone I really like, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the uncertainty... But what is so UNNATURAL about the Bachelor is -- like Tres said -- all the power is in 1 person's hands! These women aren't even allowed to doubt whether or not they are "falling for" Jake. That alone is grounds for elimination and shows that they "aren't there for the right reasons!!!" But this all makes you question the women... In a normal dating situation, if you were sure that you wanted to be with someone who wouldn't commit to you, you would try to walk away, move on. But here, these women are sticking around even when there is only a 1/5 chance that the "define the relationship" talk they so desire will end in their favor....
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