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25 Heartthrob Posters From the '90s You'll Totally Want to Put on Your Walls

Nov 21 2015 - 12:00pm

Thanks to Jonathan Taylor Thomas's 34th birthday today, we are big-time reminiscing about our favorite '90s heartthrobs. Not only did we see all their movies, sing all their songs, and learn all their dance moves, but we also managed to cover every last inch of our bedroom walls and school notebooks with pictures of the teen stars. We've rounded up the best, most cheesy '90s posters of everyone from Devon Sawa to Joey Lawrence to help you remember your first loves. The poses are even funnier now that some of these heartthrobs, like Leonardo DiCaprio [1] and Jared Leto [2], are serious award winners. Check it out!

Jared Leto

Now that he's back in style, it's time to take home your very own Jared Leto poster [3] ($5).

James Van Der Beek

How could you resist those sideburns? This James Van Der Beek poster [4] ($6) knows you cannot.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

We're huge fans of this classic Jonathan Taylor Thomas poster [5] ($7).

Jonathan Brandis

The Ladybugs star looks super sweet in this Jonathan Brandis poster [6] ($8).


This Hanson poster [7] ($9) brings us right back to the "MmmBop" days.

Matthew Lawrence

This Matthew Lawrence poster [8] ($7) is proof that good looks run in the family.

Aaron Carter

There's a whole lot of patriotism (and chest) in this old school Aaron Carter poster [9] ($6).

Keanu Reeves

There is nothing more poetic than this Keanu Reeves poster [10] ($9).

Andrew Keegan

It's a two-for-one! This Andrew Keegan poster [11] ($3) has JTT on the reverse side.

Devon Sawa

We're not totally sure what's going on with the oversize clothing in this Devon Sawa poster [12] ($7), but we know we love it.

Josh Hartnett

It's like this Josh Harnett poster [13] ($5) is staring into your soul, begging to be put up on your bedroom wall with double-stick tape.

Jason Priestley

It doesn't even matter if you watched 90210, this Jason Priestley poster [14] ($6) will make you understand.


This Hanson poster [15] ($15) is all about the hair.

Backstreet Boys

Staring at this Backstreet Boys poster [16] ($10), we can almost hear "Quit Playin' Games With My Heart."

Jonathan Jackson

He's a long way from Nashville, but Jonathan Jackson still looks adorable on this poster [17] ($6).

Freddie Prinze Jr.

This Freddie Prinze Jr. poster [18] ($3) from the She's All That era is so charming.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The bowl cut steals the show in this Leonardo DiCaprio poster [19] ($7).

Luke Perry

Luke Perry's poster [20] ($6) keeps it simple and classy.

Christian Slater

Smoking isn't cool, but it is when Christian Slater is doing it [21] ($25).

Justin Timberlake

So surprised Justin Timberlake [22] never brought back his awesome style from this poster [23] ($4).

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

This JTT poster [24] ($10) is just plain adorable.

Rider Strong

How adorable is the Boys Meets World star in this Rider Strong poster [25] ($8)?

Erik Von Detten

This Erik Von Detten poster [26] ($5) is everything.

Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence's Soulmates poster [27] ($13) is pretty sexy.

Gavin Rossdale

Does it get any better than Gavin Rossdale [28] ($5) on the front . . .

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

. . . Jonathan Taylor Thomas [29] ($5) on the back? The answer is no, no it does not.

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