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'90s School Day

Have a Fresh Fall School Day Straight Outta the '90s

It's a fact of life: we will always miss the '90s. But try we must to relive the glorious decade that brought us Boyz II Men and Beanie Babies. The great news is that, as it turns out, it's not that difficult. For instance, we sure hope you had a throwback Summer full of Slip 'N Slide action and Push Pops. This time around, we're hoping for a '90s Fall, school-style. So grab your best girls, and get ready for MASH, Dawson's Creek marathons, and more dope distractions. Can you tell how excited we are?! Ready, set, let's relive a typical day . . .

What's Vogue? Get inspired by the dELiA*s catalog, and throw on some plaid pants, graphic sweaters, camo, and/or overalls.

Pack your school or work bag with plenty of supplies (Lisa Frank ones, obviously).

Get to your desk, and play MASH with your BFF to kill time. Pray that you'll live in a mansion with Brad Pitt, drive a Mercedes-Benz, and have two kids.


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Unpack your lunch bag — munch on the Gushers first, ask your friend to help you insert the Capri Sun straw, make sandwiches out of your Lunchables (but then run out of crackers), and eat Dunkaroos for dessert.

Read a few pages from the newest Scholastic book club picks.

Go to a friend's house and play old-school Super Nintendo or the duck-hunting game until dinner time.

Head home to watch all seasons of 7th Heaven, Dawson's Creek, or Buffy, and call your BFF to recap.

Fall asleep under the glow stars you worked so hard to put up all by yourself.

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