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Abortion Commercial to Air on TV in UK

Abortion Commercial to Air in UK — About Time or Too Much?

"Are you late?" That's the slogan of an abortion TV ad set to air in the UK next week.

NGO Marie Stopes produced what it calls a "clear, non-judgmental" ad with information on abortion and unplanned pregnancy. It does not intend to promote abortion; instead the group just wants to make sure women have the relevant information. And after a study found that less than half of UK adults knew how to get professional advice about unplanned pregnancies, Marie Stopes decided that the public badly needed the ad, which will air after 10 p.m.

Considering the intense nature of the abortion debate in America, not to mention the fact that most networks and ad makers think Americans can't even handle straight talk about menstruation, I don't imagine something like this will ever air in the US. Do you wish it would?

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